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More than 460 Companies Launched Recruitment in DUT

Date: January 16, 2015

24thNovember – the 2015 DUT winter job fair for graduate students was held on the 22ndNovember in Liu Changchun gymnasium where more than 460 companies launched recruitment. There were about ten thousands of jobs involving English, law, journalism, Chinese language and literature and so on. Huge central companies like FAW, Shougang Group, CETC, as well as state-owned enterprises and academics such asChineseAcademy of Sciences, Shanghai University of Technology attended the recruitment and offered various opportunities for graduate students.




On the morning, graduate students from all the colleges inDaliancame to the gymnasium, with their suit tidy and application materials well-prepared.

Leaders in DUT were concerned with the recruitment. Wei Xiaopeng, the secretary of party committee also came and inquired the chargers of Recruitment and Employment Office the detailed information. He expressed that we should provide career guidance for graduate students and improve their competitiveness.




Wei also paid much attention to the need for comparatively high level personnel required the recruitment enterprises. He exchanged idea with representatives from Daqing Petrochemical Company as well as graduate students.

In order to help graduate prepare fully for the recruitment, the relevant offices launched a series of activities such as visiting enterprises, internship requirement. They utilized varied approaches to create opportunities for successful employment.

This recruitment fair was held bySchoolofMechanical Engineering, sponsored by school office, teaching affair office, alumnus affair office, publicity department, finance department, public security office, logistics department, gymnasium, PE department, university hospital and so on.



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