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On-Campus Part-Time Job Fair Held for Students

Date: September 8, 2019


On September 8,Tianjin University held a job fair for on-campuspart-time work during the 2019-2020 year. This event was held on both campuses, offering an impressive array of jobs for TJU students.

A total of 29 part-time job centers participated, offering more than 400 on-campus positions for TJU students, providing them with a platform to improve their practical skills, while cultivating their self-reliance and comprehensive ability. Each of the concerns made introductory boards including job content, featured activities, and offered assistance. The participating instructors, student center managers and key student assistants explained the meaning of the jobs and recommended suitable positions. This helped students better understand job settings and the educational function of work, while improving the influence of the part-time jobs among the students.



In this job fair, face-to-face contact among teachers, student managers and candidates not only optimized the recruitment process, but also complied with the needs of the students. Students looking for part-time jobs brought their resumes, enjoyed consultations and signed up at the centers. After reading introductions the students communicated with the interviewers, and the results of each interview were revealed on the spot.



Between the hours of 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, over 700 students participated in the fair, during which time there were consultations, question and answer periods, interviews and the signing of contracts. The teacher’s diligent explanation and the staff’s patient guidance contributed to the warm atmosphere. By the end of this wonderful occurrence, 279 students obtained their desired positions, which opened a new chapter in their college life.

It has been reported that part-time jobs play an important role in student financial aid. It not only subsidizes personal living expenses, but also can familiarize them with workplace environments, cultivate self-reliance and self-improvement and improve their social skills. As an important part of Tianjin University’s subsidized education, the part-time job program acts as a significant part in cultivating the students’ working consciousness while obtaining hands-on experience. Since 2018, Tianjin University has implemented the construction of part-time job centers. Through the integration of positions and resources, the university has built 30 of these facilities. Each semester these centers combine the characteristics of different jobs and carries out nearly 100 educational activities such as training camps, assistant seminars, collective viewing and reading clubs.



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