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PCCU President Xu Xingqing Visits CUC and Give a Lecture

Date: June 11, 2019

CUC vice president Duan Peng met Chinese Culture University (PCCU),Taiwan President, Xu Xingqing and his delegation here on Tuesday, June 4. The two sides held talks on further cooperation and exchanges between the two universities.

During the meeting, vice president Duan Peng said that close exchanges in the field of higher education had been witnessed between Chinese mainland and Taiwan, and that CUC had been extending cooperation and exchanges with PCCU for many years, with exchange visits of students and teachers progressing smoothly. Duan also expressed his hope for more extensive and profound cooperation in the future.


CUC vice president Duan Peng (R) presents commemorative gifts to PCCU President Xu Xingqing (L).


In President Xus view, mutual understanding between the two sides should be enhanced through exchanges in education. He also expected prospects for pragmatic cooperation in numerous disciplines such as journalism and communication, advertising, theatrical performance and animation production.

The two sides reached an agreement on issues like, inviting students from PCCU to CUC for short-term study through Ministry of Education exchange programs to Taiwan, exchanging teachers of certain majors for short-term and long-term lectures, exchanging visits among student societies, and holding graduation exhibitions and performances in CUC and PCCU.


The delegation members of PCCU (the left four) and CUC (the right four)


After the meeting, president Xu Xingqing, along with the members of the delegation, visited China Media Museum and gave a lecture on Introduction to Japanese History of Culture and Thought to CUC students in the evening.

Members of President Xus PCCU delegation included Zeng Hongyang, Dean of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Cai Jialin, PCCUs representative in the mainland, and Ye Yawei, Commissioner from School of Continuing Education. Attending the meeting along with vice president Duan were Wang Jingzhi, assistant research fellow from the Subject Construction and Development Planning Branch, Liu Fenghai, deputy dean of Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, and Zhang Lei, head of Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs.

The friendly cooperation between CUC and PCCU has been nearly 20 years. At present, the two universities have joint research on teachers, student exchange programs, summer classes, and cross-strait mass communication postgraduate internships.



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