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Reformation and Innovation Promote Discipline Construction

Date: January 16, 2015

On November 26th, 2014 working conference on discipline construction was held in the first meeting room of the Main Building. Leaders of DUT, Academicians, members of Academic Committee and members of Academic

Degree Evaluation Committee attended the meeting, which was hosted by Qu Jingping, vice president of DUT.




During the conference, president Guo Dongming addressed that discipline construction was the guidance and foundation for faculty construction, talents training, scientific research and social service. It was of great importance to pay great attention to basic disciplines, newly developing disciplines and humanity and social disciplines.

He emphasized that though achievements had been made, the shortcomings should also be recognized. Disciplines in DUT still lacked their own peculiarities and innovative construction system. And internationally, they didn’t occupy the leading role. Also, their focuses were not clear enough. Considering all these three shortcomings, more works needed to be done. Fundamentally, three questions needed to be solved: who, what and how. “Who” was to clarify who was responsible for different tasks; “what” referred to what plans and objectives should be made to meet all the requirements from the nation and disciplines themselves; “how” was to make specific measures on condition of solving the problem of “what” and to put them into practice. There were three key principles, as Guo stressed. First, subject orientation would be the basis of disciplines construction. Second, talents and team construction would be the key point to disciplines construction. And third, platform construction could guarantee disciplines construction.

At last, Guo Dongming said that nothing could be done without effective practice. He hoped that all faculty of DUT could do their best to disciplines construction works.




During the meeting, Ma Xuehu, deputy dean of Graduate School of Dalian University of Technology, made a report on disciplines construction situation analysis. Sun Wei, dean of School of Mechanical Engineering, Chen Jingwen, dean of School of Environmental Science and Technology and Duan Chunying, dean of School of Chemistry, also addressed reports separately.

Besides, outstanding groups and individuals were recognized for their contributions in disciplines construction.

The attendants also included professors of thousand-talent program, Changjing Scholars, deans of many faculties and schools, representatives of teachers, etc.



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