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SISU Holds Seminar on Campus Network Security in the Age of AI

Date: April 19, 2019




Information Technology Center (ITC) at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) hosted a conference on March 29 to discuss campus network security in the age of artificial intelligence (AI) .

SISU vice president Zhang Feng, said that the university had made some achievements in informatization over ten years. Zhang also stressed network security because school affairs increasingly relied on network and information system.

“Though universities do have some capabilities to ensure network security, we ought to explore new methods and technologies to improve the effect and the efficiency,” Zhang added.

Wang Mingzheng, director of Information Center of Shanghai Education Commission and Gu Yizhong, director of Campus Network Security Committee of Shanghai Institute of Higher Education, both analyzed the current security situation, and asked all schools to attach great importance to network security and increase investment in capital and personnel.

They also affirmed the significance of using AI technology to enhance network security discussed at the meeting.

Professor Wang Xin, director of Information Office at Fudan University and Professor Huang Jianhua at East China University Of Science and Technology made reports to analyze the problems and challenges of campus network security, and put forward countermeasures.

Network security experts Deng Yong, Shao Wentao, Luo Zhengquan and Zhang Kai made reports on big data and AI, sharing their technical solutions and experience in campus network security.


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