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SMU Passing Education Evaluation to Architecture Department for National University Undergraduate (Five-Year)

Date: July 9, 2018

SMU News, Jun. 15 On June 15th, the National Higher Education Architecture Professional Education Evaluation Committee issued the Notice on the Conclusion of SMU Undergraduate (5-Year) Education Evaluation ([2018] No. 56). The plenary session of the Committee, through discussing and voting, agreed to the inspection report of the inspection team on the university, and decided to pass the undergraduate (five-year) education evaluation of Department of Architecture, SMU. The validity period is 4 years. So far, Southwest Minzu University has become the first ethnic university to pass the undergraduate (five-year) education evaluation of architecture nationwide.

During the period from May 30th to June 1st, the expert group of architecture professional education evaluation entered SMU for on-site inspection work. The inspection team consisted of Professor Wu Changfu from Tongji University as the team leader, Professor Xue Ming, senior architect of the Architectural Design Institute of China Academy of Building Research, Professor Tang Hua, senior architect of Shenzhen Tanghua Architectural Design Co., Ltd. and Tan Gangyi of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The inspection team has listened to the report on the university’s running situation and the construction of architecture majors, inspected the teaching facilities related to SMU architecture major, watched the teaching demonstration and design curriculum system of the university and the student work display, and observed the teaching of many courses. And listened to the graduation design reply. The expert group inspected and reviewed various types of teaching archives and held symposiums of teacher-and-student representatives and employer representatives.

In the evaluation feedback meeting, the inspection expert group pointed out that the architecture professional teachers of SMU meet the teaching requirements with sound teaching space conditions, well-equipped laboratory and other materials and reading space ensuring the normal operation of the teaching work. The teaching management system is sound, and the management of pictures and teaching documents is orderly and standardized. The university has clear distinct concept and clear goals. Based on the national colleges and universities, relying on regional conditions and cultural resources, SMU is obviously featured on “contemporary vision and national heritage”. The students of diversity have a strong desire for knowledge and are highly praised by employers. At the same time, the inspection team experts put forward opinions and suggestions on strengthening the construction of the teaching staff, deepening the teaching research, and further integrating the space resources for the work of the university.

SMU's architecture major successfully passed the undergraduate (five-year) education evaluation of architecture in the national colleges and universities, which will greatly promote the level of running school and discipline construction of our architecture major and strive to build a humane environment discipline system in ethnic areas and play a greater role in the architectural design of the southwestern ethnic areas.
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The purpose of the education evaluation of architecture major of colleges and universities is to strengthen the national and industry's macro guidance on the professional education of colleges and universities to ensure and improve the quality of architecture education, so that graduates can obtain the necessary professional knowledge and basic training for registered architects, and then achieve registered architects' professional education standards. It also creates conditions for obtaining the corresponding professional degree conferring rights for architecture majors in universities and accepting mutual recognition of the same professional assessment conclusions and corresponding qualifications with other countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia signing Recognition of Substantial Equivalency Between Accreditation /Validation systems in Architectural Education.



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