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Southeast University Convened 2019 Newly-Recruited Teachers Training Seminar

Date: March 22, 2019


From March 13 to 15, the newly-recruited teachers training seminar of Southeast University was convened at Jiulonghu Campus. School CPC Secretary Zuo Wei and President Zhang Guangjun attended and addressed the meeting. Vice President Jin Baosheng presided over the opening ceremony. In the past year, 271 full-time teachers, full-time researchers, full-time counselors, administration and teaching assistants, etc. and comrades from relevant functional departments attended the meeting.




President Zhang Guangjun attended and addressed the opening ceremony in the morning of March 13 to express his welcome and gratitude to the newly-recruited teachers on behalf of the school and issued the school badge for the newly-recruited teachers. President Zhang briefly introduced the school’s historical heritage, cultural characteristics and comprehensive strength, and also elaborated on the status quo of “double first-class construction”, idea, concept and strategy of “strengthening the school by talents”. He pointed out that as one of the first-batch universities approved to carry out “world double-class” construction, SEU is shouldering new missions granted by the new era and also meeting new challenges in the new journey. President Zhang emphasized that every teacher should strictly abide by the standards proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping on good teachers to be a good teacher of SEU in a new era. To this end, President Zhang put forward his three expectations for the new teachers. First of all, they must adhere to the political position and consciously assume the glorious mission of “serving the country with talents”; secondly, they must persist in innovation and inherit the fine tradition of “being renowned for science”; thirdly, we should consolidate our cultural self-confidence to unremittingly pursue the lofty realm of “striving for perfection”. In the end, President Zhang expected to work together with new teachers to build aSEU community of shared weal and woe, strive in the new journey of “double first-class” construction, and thus make great contributions and compose a magnificent chapter on the stage of realizing SEU’s “1-10-100” Dream and China’s dream of its great rejuvenation.



In the afternoon of March 13, Secretary Zuo Wei gave the newly-recruited teachers the first lesson titled “New Era, New Mission and New Action”. He first discussed with everyone “what education is”, analyzed the background requirements on China's higher education development and SEU’s mission in the new era. Secretary Zuo pointed out SEU should persist in its fundamental assignment of strengthening moral education in talent cultivation, which requires the university shall return to the basic social attributes of the school and return to the initial and academic duties of the educators. Among others, the faculty are deemed as the core force and the classroom quality is most critical. As indicated by Secretary Zuo, for SEU in an important period of transformation and development, its development objectives, talent cultivation, scientific research, discipline construction and university culture are in urgent need of transformation. He expected that everyone could achieve a balance between individual and team, merit and ethics, accumulation and breakthrough, manner of behave and action as well as talent cultivation. He emphasized that as a teacher, he/she should be interested in his/her profession and affectionate with education, love the students; secondly, he/she shall withstand loneliness and be willing to pay for the pursuit of academics; thirdly, he/she shall be willing to serve the students’ growth, the school development and the social progress; fourthly, he/she shall establish a sense of teamwork to promote team cooperation. Secretary Zuo encouraged all new teachers to take responsibility for teaching with patriotism and promote academic development with love of their professions so as to create a regretless life with the love of students and thus create a better future for China's higher education and SEU with joint efforts.

During the training seminar, experts including Lin Pinghua, Shi Jutao, Fan Heping, Dai Xianzhong, Guo Jinlin, Hua Wei and Xu Yan, etc. were invited to deliver special lectures on the national conditions, the school’s history, the teacher’s morality and accomplishment, the teaching skills and the peer exchanges, etc.. Principals from the CPC United Front Work Department, the CPC Teacher’s Affairs Department, the CPC Student Affairs Department, the Disciplinary Committee Office, the Personnel Department, the Finance Department, the General Affairs Office, the Academic Affairs Office and the International Cooperation Department, etc. introduced all resources, facilities and support services available to the teachers as well as relevant regulations and requirements.




In the process of practice education, the newly-recruited teacher representatives participated in the school’s tree planting festival and planted their first tree by Jiulonghu Lake, implying that “it takes ten years to grow a tree, but a hundred years to cultivate people”. They planted the fresh power of growth on SEU’s land of talent cultivation. Besides, the newly-recruited teachers also visited Yuhuatai Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery together with reverence byoffering wreaths and paying tribute to the revolutionary martyrs, accepting the revolutionary traditional education in the Martyrs Memorial Hall, and steadfastly establishing their ideal and faith of moral education and talent cultivation.

       It is reported that the school will carry out a series of training and exchange activities such as special training, pre-job training and teaching practice to further enhance the teachers’ professional quality and business ability, provide continuous support and services for the teachers’ growth and development, and thus accelerate the cultivation of a top-ranking teaching staff that could better support “double first-class” construction.



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