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Southeast University Convened 2019 Postgraduate Commencement and Academic Degree Conferring Ceremony

Date: June 27, 2019


In the morning of June 20, 2019 Postgraduate Commencement and Academic Degree Conferring Ceremony of Southeast University was convened at the Gymnasium of Jiulonghu Campus. Guo Chao, outstanding alumni representative, the founder and Chairman of Jiangsu Jinzhi Education Information Co., Ltd., the school’s CPC Secretary Zuo Wei, President Zhang Guangjun, Managing Vice President Wang Baoping, the school’s CPC Vice Secretary Zheng Jiamao, Chief Accountant Ding Hui, Vice Presidents Huang Dawei and Zhou Youyong, the principals of the school’s relevant departments, the party and government principals of the colleges (departments), the teachers' representatives and the representatives of the graduates’ relatives and friends attended the graduation ceremony. Jin Baosheng, Vice Chairman of the School’s Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School presided over the event.



During the warm-up period, the “Promotional Video of Southeast University’s Anniversary” was broadcasted, and Yuyin Women's Choir of Southeastern University sang the classic song “Farewell”. The Postgraduate Commencement and the Academic Degree Conferring Ceremony officially began in the sound of “National Anthem”. Wang Baoping, a member of the School’s Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, read the decision made by Southeast University’s Academic Degree Evaluation Committee on conferring the doctoral and master's degrees.



Zhang Guangjun, Chairman of the School’s Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, delivered a speech titled “Undertake the Mission Bravely to Lead the Future”. He firstly congratulated the graduates who have received their doctoral and master's degrees, and welcomed the alumni and the students’ relatives and friends present in the ceremony. He said that the students were studying diligently and assiduously, especially aiming at the internationally cutting-edge technologies and climbing the peak of science and technology bravely; therefore, they’ve achieved fruitful results. Meanwhile, they’ve been serving the national strategies and contributing their love to the society, have thus achieved comprehensive growth and composed vivid and beautiful stories of Southeast University, which are indeed moving and inspiring. In the destiny community of Southeast University, the students are the leading talents cultivated by the school, the new force for technological innovation, and even the direct participants and important witnesses of Southeast University’s “1-10-100” dream, and have contributed their academic achievements, innovations, wisdom and responsibility to Southeast University’s long history of 117 years. Zhang Guangjun quoted General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech that as long as the younger generation has ideals and responsibility, the country and the nation will have the bright future and hope. He pointed out that the bright China at present must and will call for the responsibility of young people in the new era. The youth of Southeast University must stand on the forefront of the new era, upgrade their positioning, shoulder the mission and strive to become the leading talents highlighting patriotism, international view, leading the future and benefiting the human beings.



He believed that no matter what kind of choice the students would make upon graduation, as long as they have integrated their personal ideals with the national cause, it would be deemed as the regretless choice living up to the times. In order to enable everyone to better grasp the upcoming new journey of struggles and become a new era leader who has inherited the spirit of Southeast University, Zhang Guangjun shared his three expectations with the students: first of all, he expected that the students would become the leaders of the new era who could undertake the mission. All the students should firmly adhere to the lofty ideal of communism and the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics, inherit SoutheastUniversity people’s lofty ideal of “becoming renowned with science and contributing to the country with talents, and bravely shoulder the era’s mission of great responsibility; secondly, he expected that the students would become the leaders driven by innovation in the new era. The students must be determined to innovate, dare to take the initiative and conquer difficulties, adhere to Southeast University people’s fine tradition of scientific and technological innovation, practice hard work diligently and thus master proficient skills; thirdly, he expected that students would become the leaders striving for perfection in the new era. All the students should inherit Southeast University people's spirit of “being sincere and practical-minded, striving for the perfection”, be patriotic and highlight international view to refine our feelings with ideals and measure the big stage with our feet. Finally, he sincerely wished all the students to march forward in spite of difficulties, achieve transformation and transcendence in the future, continue to write the brilliant chapter of undertaking mission bravely and leading the future.



Alumni Guo Chao reviewed his experience of studying at the alma mater and starting a business after graduation. He warned the students earnestly to know how to make choices, identify goals and cultivate themselves after taking up the jobs. Hua Wei, the tutor's representative from the School of Electrical Engineering, in his speech, encouraged the students to carry forward the spirit of school motto of “striving for the perfection” to achieve great truth, great love, great sincerity and great wisdom. Student Wu Qi, representative of the academic degree winners from the School of Information Science and Engineering, expressed his lofty respect for the alma mater, sincere appreciations to the teachers and gratitude to the parents, friends and relatives in his speech.

During the degree conferring ceremony, Zhang Guangjun, Jin Baosheng, Zhou Youyong and Liu Naifeng, etc., members of the school's Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, jointly set the tassels straight and conferred the doctoral and master's degree certificates to the winners respectively.

The postgraduate commencement and the academic degree conferring ceremony ended in the school song.

It is reported that in 2019, a total of 589 PhD students including Zhou Tiance, etc. were conferred Ph.D. of Southeast University in Philosophy, Economics, Law, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Management and Art; 1903 graduate students including Xu Hao, etc. were conferred the Master’s Degree of Southeast University in Economics, Law, Education, Literature, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Management and Art, etc.; 2,322 graduate students including Yu Songqi, etc. were conferred the professional Master’s Degree of Southeast University in Finance, Applied Statistics, International Business, Asset Evaluation, Law, Social Work, Education, Chinese International Education, Applied Psychology, Translation, Architecture, Engineering, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Clinical Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Business Administration, Public Administration, Accounting, Engineering Management and Art, etc..



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