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Southeast University Convened 2019 Undergraduate Commencement and Academic Degree Conferring Ceremony

Date: June 28, 2019


In the afternoon of June 21, 2019 Undergraduate Commencement and Academic Degree Conferring Ceremony of Southeast University was convened at Jiulonghu Campus of Southeast University. School leaders including Zuo Wei, Zhang Guangjun, Wang Baoping, Zheng Jiamao, Huang Dawei, Jin Baosheng, principals from relevant functional departments and colleges (departments), excellent alumni representatives, teachers’ representatives, representatives of the graduates’ relatives and friends, and all 2019 undergraduates attended the commencement. The commencement was presided over by Zheng Jiamao, CPC Vice Secretary of Southeast University. The commencement was unveiled with the song “Farewell” sung by the university chorus.



President Zhang Guangjun first made a speech titled “Persist in theOriginal Aspiration and Strive to the Perfection”, expressed his congratulations and best wishes to 2019 undergraduate graduates, extended his welcome and gratitude to their family members and friends as well as alumni. Zhang Guangjun said that the students have met a better self and composed the beautiful story of Southeast University with youth and struggling during such a beautiful and short period of campus time. They have established the model of strugglingas the direct participants and important witnesses of Southeast University’s “1-10-100” dream. On behalf of the school, President Zhang also appreciated the students for their sharing of weal or woe with the school and their contributions to the school’s “first-class university” construction. Zhang Guangjun pointed out that the graduation would be a new starting point for youth and a fork in life. The road of struggling in the future is by no means a smooth road, but a journey full of hardships and challenges to achieve great dreams. He said that General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement that “striving to the perfection should be the unchanging personality pursuit of the Chinese nation”. The 117-year development history of Southeast University has exactly witnessed that the Southeast University people, one generation after generation, have always persisted in the initial aspiration of “becoming renowned with science and serving the country with talents” and the school motto of “striving to the perfection”. He also expected the students to persist in the initial aspiration and strive to the perfection as the same as the predecessors, whenever and wherever. In order to enable the students to better inherit Southeast University’s spirit of “striving to the perfection” and open the infinite journey of struggling, Zhang Guangjun put forward three expectations: first of all, he expected that the students could adhere to the mission of the times in an endless manner, establish the great mission of communism, be determined to take root in the people, contribute to the country, the national rejuvenation and construction with youth and struggling infinitely. Secondly, he expected that the students could firmly insist in innovation and endless development and march towards the center of the world stage bravely. Efforts should be made to enable innovation to be driving force of the youth voyage and master excellent innovation capacity voluntarily and steadfastly so as to promote scientific and technological progress. Thirdly, he expected the students could persist in endless struggling, transform the initial intention to the courage and energy of struggling, persist in the practice of prospering the country steadfastly, and never fear the dangers and march ahead in the process of realizing Chinese dream. Finally, President Zhang expected the students to work with the alma mater to build the “SoutheastUniversity’s Dream” of constructing a world-class university with Chinese characteristics and compose a brilliant chapter of Southeast University people for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the progress of human civilization.



Xu Wenwei, a member of the board of directors of Huawei Company and Director of the Strategic Research Institute, addressed the commencement as an outstanding alumni representative. Prof. Zhao Yuanjin from the School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering spoke as a teacher representative, student Kou Zili from the School of Electronic Science and Engineering spoke as a graduate representative.



The school leaders and alumni representatives attending the ceremony also presented certificates to outstanding undergraduate graduate representatives in 2019, grassroots employment graduate representatives in 2019, the 21st graduate education assistance group and the most influential graduates in 2019.



At the degree awarding ceremony, members of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of Southeast University and members of the Academic Degree Evaluation Subcommittee set the tassels straight and issued the academic degree certificate to the graduates who have obtained the bachelor's degree.

This graduation ceremony is full of highlights. All the graduates, school leaders and guests were organized to take a group photo including almost 4,000 people as a special graduation gift to the 2019 undergraduate graduates. In addition, before the official graduation ceremony, the teachers and students watched the warm-up video “Graduation Voice” to feel campus life of the graduation season.



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