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Southeast University Held 2018-2019 “Still Rock” New Year's Concert

Date: January 8, 2019


On the evening of December 31, 2018, Southeast University 2018-2019 “Still Rock”New Year’s Concert, hosted by the Art Guidance Center and the College Students Art Troupe of Southeast University, was performed at Jiulonghu Stadium. Zuo Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Southeast University, Zheng Gangmao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice Presidents Wu Gang and Zhou Youyong, principals of the school’s party, government authorities and all departments, over 6,000 teachers and students as well as alumni from home and abroad gathered together to celebrate the New Year's Day, review and summarize achievements made in 2018, look into the development of 2019.



At 8 o’clock in the evening, the stadium was full of lights and brilliance, accompanied by a cool light show. The concert officially began. The Chorus of College Students Art Troupe brought the opening performance “Gift”. The lively melody has not only impressed uswith a warm and beautiful memory, but also warmed the cold winter with great concerns. The dance “Plain Tune”, “Heaven Bath” and “Yueh Maiden” and “Someone in the crowd”, etc., brought all of us a taste of classical charm, played the dream of Southeast University people and showed a splendid national culture. A series of performances including the song “Locked Out of Heaven” sang by foreign students, the street dance “Enjoy Rock” performed by the teachers of Southeast University, “Classic Forever” performed by the children from Southeast University Kindergarten, etc. aroused bursts of applause and applause. When the time approached the midnight, a beautiful fashion show “The Song of Makino” ignited the passion among the audiences. The concert also invited Wang Shuanhong from the Academic Affairs Office, Zhao Jianfeng from the Student Affairs Office, Jin Jing from the School of Foreign Languages and Liu Chang from the School of Art, etc. assisted in preparing these wonderful programs and all performances were warmly acclaimed by teachers and students on the site.




At 00:00, all teachers and students counted down together to celebrate the arrival of 2019 New Year. The school leaders and heads of various departments present jointly expressed their New Year’s greetings to the teachers and students. In the lottery session, the school leaders drew a number of prizes on the spot, which pushed the concert atmosphere to the climax. The soiree came to the end in the song “Ode to Southeast University”.

The party attracted great attentions. The event was not only convened at the main venue of Jiulonghu Stadium, but broadcasted live to alumni both at home and abroad as well as all walks of life. On the day of performance, nearly 50,000 persons watched the performance online with over 100,000 comments left behind. The audiences extended to the mainland, Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan, both at home and abroad, indicating great influences.



The concert integrated quality programs prepared bythe Chorus of College Students Art Troupe, the Dance Troup, the Folk Orchestra, the Small Symphony Orchestra, the Campus Pop Orchestra, the Polar-coordinate Drama Troupe, Transguitar Guitar Club, Evolution Street Dance Club, Inclub Fashion Club, Yongle Cross-talk Society, Latin Dance Club, Sound of Wind Harmonica Studio, Sound of Tree Music Studio, Ebullient Animation Community Club, etc.. The performances covered diversified styles including pop, rock, classic, original music, dance, instrumental music, sketches, fashion and animation, etc. with colorful and diverse fashion and innovation elements, which highlighted infinite creativity and vitality of teachers and students of the Art Troupe. Meanwhile, this concert also represented our greetings to the new year with music and extended positive influences with art and passion.

       The New Year's concert has been held for seven times in succession at Southeast University. It is deemed as the concentrated report of achievements of art education at Southeast University, which presented the students' artistic activities in a wonderful way. Meanwhile, it has provided students with a broad stage to display their talents and also created a high-quality standard platform of campus art culture. At present, it has become a well-concerned and influential brand event, the warm expectation and memory of all teachers and students at the end of each year. Diversified performances are filled with peace and harmony of teachers and students, conveying the concerns and support of alumni both at home and abroad as well as all walks of life to the development of Southeast University; in addition, it also highlights the unremitting pursuit of all Southeast University people for perfection. 



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