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The Fifth Russian Drama Festival--- Russian Short Drama Competition

Date: November 28, 2018

On November 28th, the competition between senior and junior of the Fifth Russian Academy Drama Festival was held in the Interpretation Laboratory by the School of Russian. All the teachers and students attended.

A variety of shows were performed in this Competition. Most of the junior students chose to do the imitation of animation while the senior unfolding the movies and TV shows. Their great performances reproduced the Russian classic dramas as well as dramas reflecting modern Russian style, and the scripts they used were not only some famous masterpieces but also their own ingenious original works or adaptations. After the competition, Kirchenia and Alexander, foreign teachers of the Russian School, made some comments on their performances and expressed the expectations.

Showing the unique charm of Russian culture, this Russian Drama Festival promoted the cultural exchanges between China and Russia and improved the academic level and learning initiative of the students majoring in Russian.



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