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The Sixth Graduate Academic Science Festival Opens with Jian Xigao's Lecture

Date: March 23, 2015

March 20 -- The opening ceremony of the Sixth Graduate Academic Science Festival of DUT andLectures of Masters(NO. 36, No.1 in 2015) was held in the lecture hall in the Research and Teaching Building. Jian Xigao, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor from Faculty of Chemical, Environmental and Biological Science and Technology gives a lecture about his experience in scientific research.




Professor Jian introduces his life experience and scientific research achievement. He encourages young students to realize dream through science and technology innovation, emphasizing the essential role of innovation-driven method. Young people are supposed to adapt to the situations and work harder in their best times, whether it is related to their majors. Internal causes play a decisive role in the academic life. Papers are nothing but a satisfactory explanation of what one has said. What really matters is applying theories to social life. Jian also encourage the students to meet the challenge no matter how difficult it is.

In the discussion, one student asks what to do if the career doesn’t match one’s major. Jian says, “It is lucky to do what we like.” But the reality is not always like this. We should realize that “fitting into the society itself is a big challenge.” Meanwhile, “choice means a range not a point.” We can widen our horizon without being constrained in our majors.

The lecture continued until half past nine. During the three-hour lecture, Professor Jian aged sixty-year-old remained standing instead of sitting on the prepared chair. The excellent lecture won the prolonged applause.



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