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The Third Meeting of The Tenth Academic Degree Evaluation Committee was Held

Date: December 7, 2014

On the afternoon of 29th October, the third meeting of the tenth academic degree evaluation committee was held in the central meeting hall on the fourth floor of the main building. Academician Guo Dongming, chairman of the academic degree evaluation committee and president of DUT, along with 24 members of the committee attended the meeting, which was hosted by Professor Qu Jingping, vice chairman of the academic degree evaluation committee and vice president of DUT.

During the meeting, each school reported their PhD dissertations. After that, all the members voted to agree to award doctorates to 175 PhD students and disagree to award doctorates to students who had disobeyed disciplines. Besides, attendants also discussed about lists of academic degree evaluation committee members of School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Energy and Power Engineering and campus in Panjin. What’s more, Hu Xiangpei, vice dean of School of Postgraduate, made a report about the recruit and recommendation graduates to postgraduate education free from examinations of 2014.

Besides, Guo Dongming raised new demands at the meeting. He said that students’ quality was of great importance for a university’s education quality. In order to improve it, measures, such as increasing scholarships and adjusting enrollment of excellent tutors, needed to be taken. All the schools should try their best to improve their reputation and attraction among candidates.

In addition, he also stressed on the significance of improving tutors’ responsibility of educating students, conducting strict quality control during the whole process of graduate education, promoting further reform in several majors, developing international education for overseas students and optimizing distribution of disciplines.



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