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Two XMU Professors Make Top 20 List of Translational Researchers of 2016

Date: March 10, 2018

On December 9, 2017, Nature Biotechnology released the top 20 list of the translational researchers of 2016. Prof. Xia Ningshao and Prof. Li Shaowei from Xiamen University earned their spots on the list. Notably, it is the first time for two researchers from mainland China to break into the top 20. Prof. Xia and Prof. Li, ranked 7th and 12th respectively on the list, are professors from the Key National Laboratory of Molecular Vaccine & Molecular Diagnostics and the National Research Center for Infectious Disease Diagnosis Reagents and Vaccines Engineering Technology of XMU. Their inclusion on the list demonstrates XMU’s fast growing influence in the global research field of biotechnology.


Ever since 2013, Nature Biotechnology has published annually the list of the top 20 most active scientists for patenting of the preceding year, which has thus far wielded an increasingly profound global impact. The ranking is based on the total number of US or European patents granted to each researcher over the previous year, meanwhile, the data as regards each one's most-cited patents from the prior five years and their H index are also evaluated. Those who have appeared on the top 20 list over these years include quite a few well-known scientists, such as Nobel laureate David Baltimore and Dr. Zhang Feng from the Broad Institute of MIT. According to the criteria of 2016, the ranking was said to have taken into account only those patents granted by the United States. In 2016, Prof. Xia and Prof. Li raked in 13 and 12 patents respectively, covering multiple fields including FLU, HEV, HPV, HBV, and HIV.



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