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Vice President Zhan Xinlin Addresses 8th World Women University Presidents Forum

Date: April 14, 2018

On April 8, the 8th World Women University Presidents Forum opened at Wuhan University. More than 150 women university presidents, experts as well as scholars from UNESCO and 51 countries and regions around the world were invited to the grand event, including XMU Vice President Zhan Xinli. Under the theme of “Future Education • New Leadership • Community with Shared Future for Mankind”, the forum aimed at exploring the prospects of tertiary education in the Information Age, focusing on empowering women and delving into the notion of the new leadership.


At the forum, all participating experts and scholars conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions in a variety of forms including thematic forum, sub-forum, round-table conference, seminar, salon, etc. Zhan Xinli, vice president of XMU, delivered a speech entitled “‘One Belt, One Road’ and the ‘Go Global’ strategy of China's higher education: Taking the XMU Malaysia as an Example” at the thematic forum themed “‘One Belt One Road Initiative’ and intercollegiate exchange and cooperation”. In her speech, Zhan Xinli emphatically introduced the XMU Malaysia Campus (hereinafter, XMUM) and its practical significance in relation to the One Belt One Road strategy. She pointed out that in the process of promoting the “One Belt One Road” strategy and building a community of shared destiny for all mankind, it is necessary to pinpoint the exact areas where China’s higher education meets the “Belt and Road” strategy and where the focal point lies. And XMUM has set such a fine example for other Chinese universities to follow in their pursuits of globalization. XMU will strive to build XMUM into one of the best universities in Malaysia, an important platform for educational and cultural exchanges between the two countries and other regions of south-east Asia, a paragon of China’s tertiary education and Chinese culture that go global, and a cradle of high-caliber talent to meet the demand of the “One Belt and One Road” initiative. As a result, Zhan’s speech received an enthusiastic response from the women presidents at the forum from both home and abroad, who turned their thumbs up on the successful running of XMUM.



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