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Volunteering in China Open: Another Training Class for CUC Students

Date: October 29, 2018

China Open ceremoniously brought down the curtain on October 7 in National Tennis Center. It has been a long time that China Open started to cooperate with CUC students. This year, 40 CUC students participated in China Open’s voluntary work, the same number as last year. Using professional skills, the student volunteers from CUC endeavored to make audiences to enjoy every moment during their trip at China Open.

Chen Ling, the sports presentation assistant, said the most of the CUC volunteers were allocated to the department of sports presentation. One of their main duties is to maintain the order and daily operation in all four tennis courts at Diamond Court, Lotus Court, Moon Court, and Brad Drewett Court.

Before the athletes arrive at the court, a sweet voice was broadcasted and echoed through the air of Lotus court. It was Yan Chenxi who was volunteering as an announcer. With the interest of English broadcasting and major of international journalism, she signed up for the job.


Yan Chenxi broadcasting English welcome at Lutos Court. (Photo by: He Min)


When athletes waved to the audience, the raising music added to the exciting atmosphere. All the music of Lotus Court was controlled by Luan Bochao, a recording engineering student volunteer from CUC.

But things didn’t went smooth all the time. Yan and Luan both met with some problems on their first morning of volunteering. Yan’s script was different from what was given before, making it difficult to read the names of players. Even worse, the microphone of Lotus Court lost its sound, and the wireless antenna was blown down by strong winds. Encountered with such trouble, Luan Bochao calmly solved the equipment problem quickly and kept seated with Digital sound mixing console for the rest of the day.


Luan Bochao playing the opening music to welcome players. (Photo by: He Min)


Things went well on Lotus Court in the afternoon. But the Moon Court was busy in the meantime. Wang Huiyi, a student from Data Journalism, was presentation director of moon court. She went through the whole procedure grew to get used to the brand new controlling system.


Wang Huiyi controlling every presenting screen on Moon Court. (Photo by: He Min)


"The ability to try the real thing on textbooks and to solve problems you may never learn during class is amazing", said Wang. Indeed, since China Open and CUC built a long-term co-operation relationship, an increasing number of students have been joining this annual sports feast to not only witness this fantastic event but also gain genuine knowledge from practice.


 Zhang Shuai, Kong Ta, Krunic, and Siniakova warming up in Moon Court (Photo by : He Min)


To prepare students for their practical skills, CUC focuses on providing opportunities to stimulate their future work and environment. China Open is one of these projects that can benefit students for involving in broadcasting big sporting events and cultivate their professional competence. These practical experiences are fundamental components of CUC’s current training mode. It helps students and research studies in CUC to be in sync with the latest developments in the world and to synchronize the concepts in the latest theories and therefore keeps CUC at the forefront of the times.



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