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XISU Holds 2018 Spring Campus Sports Meet Apr 28, 2018

Date: April 27, 2018

On April 27, 2018 at 8:00 a.m., the opening ceremony of spring campus sports meet was held at XISU. School administrators Deng Zhihui, Wang Junzhe, Wang Tianping, and Li Xueru, together with other division heads and students were presented. The meet was hosted by Zhang Tao, Director of Department of Physical Education.

With the ardent and progressing sportsmen march, the first squadron that walked into the field was XISU's national flag guards. They raised up national flag and Olympic flag and passed by the main platform. Followed by them were the bouquet, colored flag, referees, school and department representatives, and faculty squadrons. Each squadron showed their high spirit and energy with the sound and clear catchphrase which won multiple applauses from the audience.



After the solemn flagraising ceremony, Vice President Li Xueru delivered the opening remarks. She wish on behalf of XISU to welcome the opening of the sports meet, and thanked those faculty and students who helped prepare the event, including athletes, referees, staff, and volunteers. She pointed out that XISU highly values physical education, and strives to provide a sport-oriented environment to everyone in order to fulfill the idea of “lovingthe students as our kids”. Hence, the School has implemented “self-selected registration for PE classes” and "multiple layered instruction" to continuously improve the quality and level of physical education; and is consistently perfecting sport facilities to maximally meet the growing demands for PE instruction, physical training, and sport competitions. XISU also widely holds various active sport activities that immensely demonstrates both faculty and students' uprising and positive attitude and outlook; and continuously host and participate in national, international, and intercollegiate sport events. The PE of XISU has been recognized by educational authority and the School has passed the specialized assessment in PE administered by Shaanxi provincial Department of Education. She also hoped that all athletes try their best on the court, all referees and staff fulfill their responsibilities, and all audience comply with the rule in public venue, and eventually make the event a good spiritual booster for further developing XISU.



Faculty representative Zhang Yuwei from School of Economics and finance, student representative Jiang Ziyang from School of International Relations, and referee and coach representative Wei Jianxin gave speech and solemnly vowed for fair judgment and play. President Wang Junzhe announced the grand opening of the sports meet.



What's unique in the opening ceremony was the multiple shows performed by students of several schools, including “drone dance” by Xi'an Institute of Aeronautics, Xinjiang dance by School of Chinese Studies, Tibetan dance by School of Business, and yangko by School of Economics and Finance, and finally, the Tajishan and Chen-style Taiji by the Wushu troupe.



Seventeen teams of 1840 athletes participated in this spring sports meet, they were competing for 30 track and field items and 5 entertaining programs. Moreover, the faculty games was held at the stadium and basketball courts as scheduled.



On April 28, 2018 at 5:00 p.m., the spring sports meet successfully closed. All school administrators were presented at the closing ceremony.

The final results were announced by Chief Referee Wei Jianxin: for men's team competitions, School of Business won the first place, followed by School of Chinese Studies as runner-up and School of Eastern Language and Culture as third place. For women's team competitions, School of Japanese Culture and Economy won the first place, followed by English Language Institute and School of Chinese Language and Literatures as runner-up and third place, respectively. So the top three of total team competition were School of Business, School of Economics and Finance and School of Japanese Culture and Economy. Faculty Chief Referee Xue Kai announced the result of faculty team competition, the top three were school administrative division 1, faculty division of School of Business and School of English Studies. sport morality awards were announced by Nan Jianchong, the top three were English Language Institute, School of Business, and School of Economics and Finance. Excellent correspondence awards were announced by Zhao Pei, the top three were School of Eastern Language and Culture, School of Economics and Finance and School, and English Language Institute.

Deputy Secretary of CCP Committee at XISU Wang Tianping gave closing remarks. He congratulated on behalf of the School to everyone and team who got excellent results and thanked all who contributed to the event. He suggested that everyone should seize a good opportunity from the sports meet and follow what the CPC National Congress has demanded "the strategy for a healthier China", and establish the idea of "exercising one hour per day in order to work healthily for five decades, and live happily throughout life", and form an ideal trend of "actively exercising, positively keeping fit, and pursuing a healthy lifestyle". This would lay the solid physical foundation for our happy work as well as happy life. He also emphasized that the future of XISU relies on everyone's active involvement and contribution, it's hoped that everyone shall closely combine their personal goals with the "XISU dream" and "China dream", and contribute their own to boost the School into a better tomorrow.



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