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XISU Holds Pep Rally and Training for Volunteers for 3rd Silk Road International Expo Apr 28, 2018

Date: April 28, 2018

On the afternoon of April 28, 2018, the pep rally and training for volunteers of 3rd Silk Road International Expo was successfully held at JA111 of Chang'an Campus of XISU. Deputy Secretary of provincial Youth League committee Lu Zhen, Deputy Secretary of CCP committee of XISU Wang Tianping, together with 282 group leaders, volunteers, and representatives of Silk Expo Executive Committee, volunteer workgroup of provincial Youth League committee, Shaanxi provincial Department of Commerce, Trade Promotion Committee, Expo Center, and Xi'an customs, Shaanxi Zhongchuang Yue Construction Development Co., Ltd, and XISU's Youth League committee were presented at the rally. The rally was hosted by Secretary of XISU Youth League committee Shan Shengjun.



After the warm opening dance and loud clear national anthem, Wang Tianping cordially welcomed all guests and sincerely thanked the support and care given by provincial Youth League committee, and he also wished good luck for those volunteers who were going to serve in the Expo. He encouraged them that they should promote the spirit of volunteering, and enrich their experience as volunteers, and learn from others and be humble, patient, practical, and disciplined.

Later, Lu Zhen and Wang Tianping passed on the volunteer flag to the volunteer representative Li Yaru, who's from School Eastern Language and Culture, and she reassured that the crew would honorably and energetically volunteer for the event, and immensely interpret what “Little XISU” represents.



Lu Zhen also pointed that Silk Road Expo is very important for Xi’an to actively immerse into the grand atmosphere of “belt and road”, establish a brand new venue for international cooperation, and strengthen the accumulation of capitals, information, talents, and technologies. He encouraged volunteers to showcase a new image of Shaanxi youth who are “sunny, joyful, responsible, and dutiful” under the principles of “high end, practicality, high efficiency, and manageability” to comply with the demand of “professionalism, internationalization, and standardization”, in order to meticulously, thoughtfully, and perfectly serve for the Expo, and contribute their "young power" to the Expo.

The pep rally ended with volunteers' solemn pledge, followed by a info session in GJ209, which detailed the recruitment and preparation. Staff and volunteers took the pre-service training such as Volunteer China's “volunteer guide”, volunteer etiquette, and related info on Silk Road Expo.



The theme of the Expo this year is“New Ere, New Situation, and New Development", and will be held from May, 11 to 15 in Xi'an. To ensure the Expo to be held successfully, 7 teachers and 282 excellent students were chosen to volunteer for the Expo. This is a great opportunity to showcase our youth that centrally reflects the achievement of higher education in Shaanxi province, as well as to enhance Xi'an's international reputation and impact, and explore global market based on regional leading industries. It’s hoped that all volunteer would fulfill their mission and let the world appreciate the charm and glory of China, Xi'an, and XISU.



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