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XMU Ranked Top 10 in Overall Strength of New Media for 4th Consecutive Year

Date: February 3, 2018

Recently, Xiamen University has been ranked among Top 10 universities in overall strength of the new media of China's Educational Administration for the 4th consecutive year. The result was announced at the Annual New Media Conference of China's Educational Administration held at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. This annual conference has actually evolved from the original micro-blog and Wechat work promotion conference of the educational system. It is a coalition meeting of the new media union of China’s Educational Administration, including provincial educational administrations and the higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Education. The union has been gathering strength, swelling its membership up to 1,500 this year.


Xiamen University, over a long time period, has made full use of a variety of new media outlets such as Weibo, WeChat and news media to publicize its time-honored legacy, excellent tradition and the latest achievements in the reform and development of the school. “Xiao Xia”, based on the platforms of Weibo and Wechat and run by the New Media Center of XMU Publicity Department, has rapidly grown into the most well-known online brand on campus since its birth in 2014.


Featured by its unique perspective and fresh style, XMU new media have become a great mentor and friend for young people. They serve as the bridge between teachers, students and the school, as well as a showcase of XMU to the outside world. Besides, XMU has fully capitalized on the highly interactive feature of the official Weibo to strengthen its topic columns and hold a multiplicity of online and offline activities, which have attracted the active participation and interactions of a large following of fans as well as a great many XMUers. Meanwhile, the university has given full play to the advantage of the “strong content” of Wechat, bringing an all-encompassing audio-visual feast through the means of text, pictures, voices, videos, animation and H5 etc., including fascinating dialogues between the best minds from the academia, continuous supply of up-to-date information and personalized services, and unique cultural activities, all of which are highly popular among teachers and students.



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