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Xinjiang Research Academy of DUT Established in Xinjiang

Date: September 7, 2014

On the morning of 23, October, 2014 Annual Meeting of College-Enterprise Cooperation Committee between DUT and Xinjiang was held in Xinjiang. Guo Dongming, president of DUT and Xu Bin, vice secretory general of People’s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region both attended the establishment ceremony of Xinjiang Research Academy of DUT. The attenders of the ceremony were over 130 people including Hu Kaijiang, director of Commission of Economy and Informatization in Autonomous Region, Su Guoping, vice director of Commission of Economy and Informatization in Autonomous Region, Hadan Kabin, vice director of Commission of Economy and Informatization in Autonomous Region, Hu Kelin, inspector of Office of Science and Technology in Autonomous Region, Wang Hongzheng, vice director of Hi-tech Zone Management Committee of Urumqi, people in charge of Commissions of Economy and Informatization of Urumqi, Changji, etc., as well as representatives of Committee of College-Enterprise Cooperation, professors in related fields from DUT and people in charge of Science and Technology Research Academy and graduate school.




Mr. Xu delivered a speech, in which he said Committee of College-Enterprise Cooperation between Xinjiang and DUT had conduct a series of activities on college-enterprise communication and project docking, reaching the win-win situation between Xinjiang and DUT as well as establishing a great platform for Xinjiang’s development of technology and personnel training. Also, he hoped that both Xinjiang and DUT could take this opportunity to deepen their cooperation and make greater contribution to the stabilization and development of Xinjiang.

Guo Dongming said in his speech that in recent years, DUT had established cooperation with many areas and provinces in China, which provided DUT great opportunities to serve for our nation. Xinjiang, as the key province of college-enterprise cooperation project of DUT, had always been DUT’s first concern. In that sense, DUT would definitely maximize its advantages to make more contribution to innovation and economic development of Xinjiang.

During the meeting, contracts and protocols were signed and achievements were reported. Besides, 16 companies entered the committee as new members, increasing the number of companies in the committee to 97. In the future, newly established Xinjiang Research Academy of DUT will carry out transformation of Hi-tech technology achievements, personnel training in high level, business incubation of Hi-tech companies, Hi-tech industrial service, etc.



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