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Yu Dengyun from China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation is Employed by Southeast University As Part-time Professor

Date: May 20, 2019


On May 13, Yu Dengyun, Deputy Director of Science & Technology Committee of China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation and Deputy Chief Designer of China Lunar Exploration Project, visited Jiulonghu Campus of Southeast University and was employed by Southeast University as a part-time professor; furthermore, he gave an academic report. Zhang Guangjun, President of Southeast University, relevant principals from the scientific research institute, the personnel department and the School of Civil Engineering as well as teacher and student representatives attended the employment ceremony.

Zhang Guangjun expressed his warm welcome to Yu Dengyun’s visit on behalf of the school, expressed his sincere gratitude to Yu Dengyun for his appointment as a part-time professor of Southeast University and highly appraised his outstanding achievements in manned space flight and GF satellite, etc.. Later, Zhang Guangjun briefly introduced the school’s history and development in respect of talent cultivation, discipline construction, scientific research, especially aerospace science and technology innovation in recent years. Zhang Guangjun sincerely expected that Yu Dengyun could provide guidance and support for the school’s disciplinary development in the fields of aerospace, electronic communications, automation and mechanics as well as personnel training, production, education and research; besides, President Zhang further proposed his aspiration and expectation of strengthening the strategic cooperation with the Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Afterwards Zhang Guangjun awarded the part-time professor's letter of appointment to Yu Dengyun and wore the school badge for him.

Yu Dengyun appreciated Southeast University for granting him the honor of a part-time professor. He acclaimed the long history, profound connotations and school running of Southeast University and highly recognized President Zhang Guangjun’s concepts and proposals. Yu Dengyun indicated that he would actively develop cooperation after his employment of a part-time professor so as to contribute to the school in terms of talent cultivation and scientific research, etc..

After the employment ceremony, Yu Dengyun gave a keynote speech on “deep-space exploration and key technologies to break through” for teachers and students. In the report, Yu Dengyun accessed from the “deep space exploration” to introduce the development history of deep space exploration both at home and abroad and the achievements made by China in deep space exploration. On the basis of analyzing key technologies of deep space exploration, he further proposed his plans and ideas for China’s deep space exploration in the future.

Yu Dengyun, born in 1961, doctor of engineering, researcher/professor, doctoral tutor, Deputy Director and Professor of Science and Technology Committee of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Academician of International Academy of Astronautics, Deputy Chief Designer of Lunar Exploration Engineering, Chief Designer of GF-4 and GF-9 Satellite Engineering, Chairman of the Satellite Commercialization Application Committee of International Astronautical Federation, Fellow of the Aeronautics and Space Science and Technology Discipline Committee of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee andFellow of the National Engineering Management Professional Graduate Education Steering Committee. Yu Dengyun, as a famous spacecraft mechanics expert, has made outstanding contributions to the successful implementation of China's major aerospace projects such as lunar exploration projects, manned spaceflight projects and high-resolution satellites, etc.. He has won one Special Award, one First Prize and one Third Prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, and two First Prizes and seven Second Prizes of Provincial and Ministerial Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. Up to now, he has published 68 papers and 5 monographs. 



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