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ZJUT Holds “Heshan Youth Forum” TED Special Talk

Date: April 28, 2017

ZJUT Holds “Heshan Youth Forum” TED Special Talk

On the afternoon of 28 April, the first event of the “Heshan Youth Forum” was held at the conference hall of the library on Pingfeng Campus, in which the first 8 Young Doctors of Zhejiang University of Technology gave 900-second-long TED special talks respectively.

More than 300 academics and students participated in this event while it was livestreaming for public viewers.

Dr. Yao Nan from the College of Chemical Science and Engineering talked under the topic “How to ‘Discover’ Chemical Reactions and Nano-Structures”, indicating that the process of discovering should be planned and full of imagination.

By citing the example of the preparation of graphene-based nanomaterials, Dr. Cao Xiehong from the College of Material Science and Engineering gave the idea that if you feel it with your heart, surprise and harvest may still fall on you even if you are totally at a loss.

Dr. Zhen Renchao from the College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering talked on “The Rapid Development of Biocatalysis” and expressed the view that only when one regards conducting scientific research as a cause can they turn themselves from laborers to talents.

Dr. Wang Xiaolong from the College of Science gave a brief introduction to gravitation with an audience-friendly tone, pointing out that knowledge should be learned with an attitude of mountaineering.

Dr. Tan Dapeng from the College of Mechanical Engineering reminded students to stay rational and motivated, to remain flexible, and to stick to their principle even while in difficulty.

Dr. Zhang Wen’an from the College of Information Engineering encouraged students to pursue their dreams in the prime of their lives, with a down-to-earth attitude.

Dr. Cao Jian from the College of Economics and Management held the view that, although one may encounter lots of dilemmas in their lives, they should believe in the choices they made.

As a journalist, Dr. Shao Peng from the Schoolof Humanities voiced concern for the youth, the country, and the time.

The lively atmosphere filling up the hall self-evidenced the success of this event.



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