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Zhao Jijun to Be an Editorial Board Member of Sci International Journal

Date: December 7, 2014

Oct 9——Recently, Professor Zhao Jijun, chief of three clusters material modification key laboratory of Ministry of Education, was invited to join the editorial board of Journal of Cluster Science by its chief editor, Professor Charles M. Lukehart from Vanderbilt University in the US. “Professor Zhao Jijun is well known for his academic specialties in cluster physics, which will definitely be a great supplementary to our editorial board,” writes Professor Lukehart in his invitation letter.

Professor Zhao Jijun has been studied on cluster physics since 1992, during which time he published more than 100 essays. In 2010, he won the Second Prize of the State Natural Science. In the same year, his research was reported by C&EN. At present, he is also an editorial board member of another SCI International Journal-Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience.

Journal of Cluster Science is the academic journal on foundation and application of cluster science, published by Springer, one of the leading publications in science and technology in the world. Its first issue was printed in 1990. From then on, it has been included in SCI till today with over 1300 essays of 25 volumes in total.



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